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The basic elements of Latin grammar are taught alongside fascinating aspects of Roman culture. The course combines a mixture of Latin language, English derivations and background study.

Building on knowledge gained in S1, the S2 Latin course advances understanding of both the Latin language and Roman civilisation.

Intepretation: Ovid and Latin love elegy or Cicero and Letter writing. (100 marks)

Translation: A selection from Virgil and Livy. (100 marks)

Dissertation: You choose an aspect of the Roman world which interests you and write 4000 quality words about it! (100 marks)

The study of Ancient culture, art, literature and civilisation in English. Topics studied include Religion and Belief in 5th century BC Athens and Rome 100BC-100AD, as well as Classical drama (including two tragedies and one comedy).

Interpretation: The study of Virgil's Aeneid VI (Verse) and Cicero's In Verrine V (prose) for comprehension and translation. (100 marks)

Translation: The translation of Cicieronian prose into English. (50 marks)

The Standard Grade Latin course.

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